"MOGUNTIA" is the Roman name for the city of Mainz in Germany.

Mainz was founded by the Romans around 13 BC at the confluence of the Rhine and Main rivers.

The accronym in this context stands for "Model Of the Global UNiversal Tracer transport In the Atmosphere".

MOGUNTIA is an off-line model. It uses wind fields from the weather forecast model of the European Centre (ECMWF). However, MOGUNTIA is further simplified since it uses these winds on a monthly averaged basis. The reason is that the model was developed in the 1980's when the data storage and computer power was much less than it is now.

The model is focused on tropospheric chemistry. This means that the three dimensional fields of many tracers has to be calculated as well as the chemical reactions between these chemicals.

MOGUNTIA was one of the first models to simulate tropospheric chemistry on a global scale (Zimmermann, 1984).